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:new: Important New Rule :new:

You must include "Open" or "Closed" (depending on which is currently applicable) to all submission titles for the following folders: YHHs, Premade Art, Adoptables, Events, Commission Information, HARPG Horse/Slot Sales, and Looking For. Purchasable Resources, Groups, Forums, and Live Streams Sessions do not have this rule, as it is assumed they will always be available. If you do not have an open/closed indicator in the title upon submission, we will ask you to add it and will not accept your deviation until you do so. Once your deviation is closed, please update the title so our staff can remove it from our gallery (or remove it from the gallery yourself, which is highly appreciated).

What can I submit?

Anything that is horse-related and requires participation or customers. Zebras, unicorns, and other equids are allowed.

This includes...
:bulletyellow: Open YHHs - must say Open/Closed in title
:bulletyellow: Premade Art - any medium
:bulletyellow: Open Adoptables - must say Open/Closed in title
:bulletyellow: Purchasable Resources - brushes, stock, bases, etc.
:bulletyellow: Events - art contests, buy-in raffles, etc.
:bulletyellow: Commission Information
:bulletyellow: HARPG Horse Sales
:bulletyellow: HARPG Slot Sales
:bulletyellow: Groups - any horse-related dA group
:bulletyellow: Forums - any horse-related forum, such as RPGs
:bulletyellow: Live Streams Sessions
:bulletyellow: Looking For - anything you are looking for*

*Submitting to "Looking For" gives our users permission to contact you about your search with their relevant services.

Any type of compensation is acceptable to make your submission "purchasable." Points, real money, trades, and whatever other forms of payment you desire. Want to submit something that's free, like art requests or non-profit resources? Take advantage of our "Free" folder!

This is not a group to showcase your art. Completed commissions, personal pieces, and other art that is not up for sale or otherwise needing participation cannot be submitted. Contributors may utilize our favorites folder for this purpose.

We welcome and consider all suggestions. Please make them through a Note to the group.

Who can submit?

Members can submit to all folders except for featured. Their submissions must be approved and are limited to 3 daily to manage traffic. They cannot submit to our favorites. Everyone is welcome to be a member.

Contributors can submit to all folders, including featured. Their submissions are accepted automatically and there's no limit to frequency. Contributors are the only ones able to submit to our favorites folder, allowing them to showcase art and other content that doesn't fit our group. They vote on member submissions, new contributor requests, handle complaints, and remove closed submissions from our folders. Contributors need to be active, professional, trustworthy, and involved in the equine community, meaning a fair share of their gallery, journals, and/or dA page are equid in nature.

How else can I promote myself?

Add your information to our "About Us" page (contributors only).

Submit yourself to our "Directory" here.

Make a comment on our homepage and/or directory journal.

Browse our homepage/directory journal for comments requesting specific services.

Do not Note people or post on their profile advertising yourself without their permission. This is considered harassment and may get you removed. Our "Looking For" folder is exempt from this rule so long as you contact them respectfully and with relevant services.


Check out the favorites folder for our Contributors' artwork and other content that doesn't otherwise fit our group!

Want to be listed? See how here:
Directory InstructionsInstructions
How to submit
To be listed in our directory for additional promotion, send the group a note. You may not send a note to an individual or ask through a comment. If you only want to update your existing entry, such as removing or adding a service, you need to send a group note but you do not have to use any specific form, just be thorough.
Please follow the below form for inclusion. The top form is filled-out with explanations and the second form is blank for copying and pasting.
Important: You do not have to be currently offering a service, such as an event, to mark it; you need to have offered the service previously and/or plan on offering it soon.
Main Account: Tag your main account
Submission: Link to something you have submitted to our gallery
Custom Advertisement: Optional - you can add a few sentences of customized advertisement here
Links: Provide any relevant links, such as com

Feel free to utilize this journal's comments section for conversations about services you offer or are seeking.

Our Directory

Entries are listed first come first served. Use CTRL + F to search keywords and usernames quickly.



Dominantly specializes in photomanipulation with a flair for fantasy, vivid colors, and magical backgrounds.


YHHs: Photomanipulations
Premade Art: Photomanipulations
Adoptables: Digital paintings
Resources: Digital painting horse bases
Events: At least 1 event ongoing at all times (contests, giveaways, raffles, and more)
Commissions: Photomanipulations, digital paintings, character designs, reference sheets, page coding, 1-on-1 training
Groups: Equimanipulation - photomanipulation showcase
Forum: Alcryst - medieval fantasy genre RPG with wild horses, tamed horses, and humans


Live Stream Sessions:



YHHs: Pixels, photomanipulations, and digital paintings
Adoptables: Digital paintings
Events: Ongoing
Commissions: Photomanipulations, digital painting, pixels, and page coding
Groups: MagnificentEquine - art showcase & EquiiChallenge - monthly challenges
Forum: Look To The Stars - fantasy horse RPG


Groups: magnificentequine.deviantart.c…



I offer commissions for photo-manipulation and pixel art.


YHHs: Photomanipulations and pixels
Premade Art: Photomanipulation and pixels
Adoptables: Photomanipulations, linearts, and digital paintings
Resources: Bases, lines, and backgrounds for pixel art
Events: Upcoming
Commissions: Photomanipulations and pixels
Group: Equimanipulation - photomanipulation showcase





YHHs: Photomanipulations
Premade Art: Photomanipulations
Adoptables: Single subject photomanipulations
Commissions: Photomanipulations, headshots, and reference sheets
HARPG: Beaurever designs and slots


Groups: - Breed group that hosts seasonal events for your horses



YHH: Photomanipulations and digital art
Adoptables: Photomanipulations and digital designs
Events: Contests and raffles
Commissions: Photomanipulations, full body, partial, and headshots; pixels and coding



Last Updated: June 20th, 2016
Updated By: paintedchaos
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TheCreativeRey Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Nemenos Featured By Owner May 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for adding my commissions! <3
Ruanly Featured By Owner May 30, 2016
You're welcome!
fuzzypelt999 Featured By Owner May 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I submit batch entries with horses in them? 
this is my portrait commission example
Commission sketch portrait examples by fuzzypelt999
on the lower left there's a horse 
am I allowed to submit this and/or it's corresponding commission journal?
Ruanly Featured By Owner May 9, 2016
If you offer equine commissions, it can be advertised, even if there's other subjects you also offer. But equines have to be explicitly offered, not just implied in an "I do all animals" sort of way, if that makes sense. If you fit that description, feel free to submit your commission information, and commision examples should be within that information. =)
EquineLullaby Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
I personally think this should be accepted ruanly. they arent asking to join the group. only to add a piece of horse art
Ruanly Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
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FINTRON Featured By Owner May 8, 2016
hmmm, i'm going to have to leave this decision up to Ruanly. I would decline, simply because this group is for equine only. 
RaygunGraphics Featured By Owner May 5, 2016
Ah thank you very much for the member invite! :heart:
Ruanly Featured By Owner May 5, 2016
You're welcome! With all the beautiful art you sell, you definitely fit perfectly
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